Hi, I am Patrick Gage Kelley
and I want to be a part of your university.

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Computation, Organizations, and Society at Carnegie Mellon University, co-advised by Lorrie Faith Cranor and Norman Sadeh. My research centers on information design, usability, and education around privacy. I have worked on projects related to passwords, location-sharing, privacy policies, mobile apps, Twitter, and Facebook relationship grouping. My thesis is on the development and use of standardized, user-friendly privacy displays for online privacy policies and Android application permission displays.

My work on a “Nutrition Label” for privacy was awarded the First Place at the ACM SIGCHI 2009 Student Research Competition, went on to win First Place in the ACM Grand Finals in June 2010, and was selected for inclusion in 2010’s Papers for Policy Makers, produced by the Future of Privacy Forum. I have published over a dozen technical conference and journal papers, as well as a number of workshop publications, posters, and technical papers, listed at the bottom of this page.

At Carnegie Mellon, I have also maintained a strong relationship with our art and design community. I have worked closely with Golan Levin and the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at the School of Art, assisting with his ART && CODE workshops and other STUDIO hosted artist lectures and events. I was also able to TA his course in Interactive Art and Computational Design in Spring 2010, which we are offering together again in Spring 2012. Additionally, I have continued to develop my own artistic projects, in information visualization, winning an Honorary Award at IEEE InfoVis 2008, and installation work, including a machine learning based piece, which decided whether or not to shred children’s drawings, installed in the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum in Spring 2009.

I was twice elected to serve as president of the Carnegie Mellon Graduate Student Assembly (GSA), the university-recognized student government for CMU's 5000 graduate students. As president, I improved relationships with other student leadership groups, expanded departmental representation across the university, began a program promoting the accomplishments and participation in GSA at department orientations, and created a new structure for university-wide committee reporting. I have served on the University Libraries Committee, the University Master Plan Steering Committee, and the Honorary Doctorate Committee. I am currently serving my second term on the Executive Committee of the National Association of Graduate and Professional Students (NAGPS) as Director of Communications, after serving as their newsletter’s Editor-in-Chief for the past two years. I have focused on shifting NAGPS' communication to social media to foster direct interaction with graduate student constituents, as well as increased branding and documentation efforts.

I have been a committed member of the university newspaper, The Tartan, serving as the Publisher (chief executive officer), Editor-in-Chief of their art & literary magazine, Ombudsman, and as a five year member of their Editorial Board. I was selected to be a member of a ten-person group of student ambassadors to facilitate cross-Carnegie Mellon relations with our campus in Doha, Qatar. I has also been involved in planning the annual SCS Day celebration and a member of the School of Computer Science group Dec5.


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Conference & Journal Papers

  1. An Investigation into Facebook Friend Grouping Patrick Gage Kelley, Robin Brewer, Yael Mayer, Lorrie Faith Cranor, and Norman Sadeh. INTERACT 2011. PDF
  2. Of Passwords and People: Measuring the Effect of Password-Composition Policies. Saranga Komanduri, Rich Shay, Patrick Gage Kelley, Michelle Mazurek, Lujo Bauer, Nicolas Christin, and Lorrie Faith Cranor. CHI 2011. PDF
  3. When Are Users Comfortable Sharing Locations with Advertisers? Patrick Gage Kelley, Michael Benisch, Lorrie Faith Cranor, and Norman Sadeh. CHI 2011. PDF
  4. Capturing location-privacy preferences: quantifying accuracy and user-burden tradeoffs. Michael Benisch, Patrick Gage Kelley, Norman Sadeh, and Lorrie Faith Cranor. PUC 2010. PDF BibTeX citation
  5. Encountering Stronger Password Requirements: User Attitudes and Behaviors. Rich Shay, Saranga Komanduri, Patrick Gage Kelley, Pedro Leon, Michelle Mazurek, Lujo Bauer, Nicolas Christin, Lorrie Faith Cranor, and Serge Egelman SOUPS 2010. PDF BibTeX citation
  6. Empirical Models of Privacy in Location Sharing. Eran Toch, Justin Cranshaw, Paul Hankes Drielsma, Janice Tsai, Patrick Gage Kelley, Lorrie Faith Cranor, Jason Hong, and Norman Sadeh. UBICOMP 2010. PDF BibTeX citation
  7. Location-Sharing Technologies: Privacy Risks and Controls. Janice Tsai, Patrick Gage Kelley, Lorrie Faith Cranor, and Norman Sadeh. I/S 2010. PDF BibTeX citation
  8. Standardizing Privacy Notices: An Online Study of the Nutrition Label Approach. Patrick Gage Kelley, Lucian Cesca, Joanna Bresee, and Lorrie Faith Cranor. CHI 2010. PDF BibTeX citation
  9. A Comparative Study of Online Privacy Policies and Formats. Aleecia McDonald, Robert W. Reeder, Patrick Gage Kelley, and Lorrie Faith Cranor. PETS 2009. PDF BibTeX citation
  10. Design of A Privacy Label. Patrick Gage Kelley, Joanna Bresee, Robert W. Reeder, and Lorrie Faith Cranor. SOUPS 2009. PDF BibTeX citation
  11. Who’s Viewed You? The Impact of Feedback in a Mobile-location System. Janice Tsai, Patrick Gage Kelley, Paul Hankes Drielsma, Lorrie Faith Cranor, Jason Hong, and Norman Sadeh. CHI 2009. PDF BibTeX citation
  12. Capturing Social Networking Privacy Preferences: Can Default Policies Help Alleviate Tradeoffs between Expressiveness and User Burden?. Ram Ravichandran, Michael Benisch, Patrick Gage Kelley, and Norman Sadeh. PETS 2009. PDF BibTeX citation
  13. Understanding and Capturing People's Privacy Policies in a People Finder Application. Norman Sadeh, Jason Hong, Lorrie Faith Cranor, Ian Fette, Patrick Gage Kelley, Madhu Prabaker, and Jinghai Rao. PUC 2009. PDF BibTeX citation
  14. Traveling Engineering Activity Kits - Energy and the Environment. Elizabeth DeBartolo, Margaret Bailey, Melissa Zaczek, Timothy Schriefer, Patrick Gage Kelley, Mallika Ramaswamy, and Nicolas Ryczko. ASEE 2007. PDF BibTeX citation

Workshop Papers

  1. Intentional Privacy Policy Design Patrick Gage Kelley, Lucian Cesca, Joanna Bresee, and Lorrie Faith Cranor. CHI WNP 2011.
  2. Nudging Users Towards Privacy on Mobile Devices Rebecca Balebako, Pedro Leon, Hazim Almuhimedi, Patrick Gage Kelley, Jonathan Mugan, Alessandro Acquisti, Lorrie Faith Cranor, and Norman Sadeh. CHI PINC 2011.
  3. Conducting Usable Privacy & Security Studies with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Patrick Gage Kelley. USER 2010. PDF
  4. RT @IWantPrivacy: Widespread Violation of Privacy Settings in the Twitter Social Network. Brendan Meeder, Jenn Tam, Patrick Gage Kelley, and Lorrie Faith Cranor. W2SP 2010. PDF BibTeX citation
  5. The Risk and Benefit Perceptions of Location-Sharing Technologies. Janice Tsai, Patrick Gage Kelley, Lorrie Faith Cranor, and Norman Sadeh. TPRC 2009. PDF BibTeX citation
  6. User Controllable Learning of Security and Privacy Policies. Patrick Gage Kelley, Paul Hankes Drielsma, Norman Sadeh, and Lorrie Faith Cranor. AISec 2008. PDF BibTeX citation
  7. A User Study of the Expandable Grid Applied to P3P Policy Visualization. Robert W. Reeder, Patrick Gage Kelley, Aleecia McDonald, and Lorrie Faith Cranor. WPES 2008. PDF BibTeX citation

News & Talks

Our IEEE Security & Privacy (Oakland) 2012 paper entitled "Guess again (and again and again): Measuring password strength by simulating password-cracking algorithms" was accepted!

  • Feb. 1 – Carnegie Mellon
  • Feb. 21 – University of Washington
  • March 2 – Financial Cryptography 2012
  • March 19 – University of Rochester
  • March 20 – Rochester Institute of Technology
  • March 26 – Google
  • March 27 – Smugmug
  • April 6 – University of Colorado at Denver
  • April 26 – University of New Mexico
  • May – Telefonica
  • May 22 – Oakland 2012

Research Awards

  • A Investigation into Facebook Friend Grouping
    Honorable Mention for Best Student Paper at INTERACT 2011 in Lisbon, Portugal.
  • A “Nutrition Label” for Privacy
    1st Place, ACM Grand Finals Graduate Student Research Competition. 2010.
  • Our 2010 Standardizing Privacy Notices paper was selected for inclusion in the Privacy Papers for Policy Makers, Future of Privacy Forum publication.
  • Designing A Privacy Label
    1st Place, ACM SIGCHI Student Research Competition. 2009.
  • Designing A Privacy Label
    Honorable Mention, NYU-poly Computer Security Awareness Week - Research Competition. 2009.
  • Mitusbishi Electronic Research Lab Sensor Exploration. With Danny Rashid
    Honorary Award, IEEE InfoVis Contest. 2008.

Teaching Experience

  • Spring 2012 –Carnegie Mellon University
    Interactive Art and Computational Design
    Teaching Assistant for Golan Levin
  • Spring 2012 –Carnegie Mellon University
    College News: The Process to the Press
    Course developed and taught with Greg Hanneman
  • Spring 2010 –Carnegie Mellon University
    Interactive Art and Computational Design
    Teaching Assistant for Golan Levin
  • Spring 2009 –Carnegie Mellon University
    Mobile and Pervasive Computing Services
    Teaching Assistant for Norman Sadeh
  • Fall 2008 –Carnegie Mellon University
    Privacy Policy, Law, and Technology
    Teaching Assistant for Lorrie Faith Cranor
  • Spring 2004 –Rochester Institute of Technology
    City as Text: Rochester
    Co-taught and developed with Dr. Jessica Lieberman